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are you still using excel to manage your Service Contracts & Complaints?

Managing service contracts & complaints in excel is difficult
- Lacks accuracy of data due to duplication of entries & no validations
- Generating simple analytical data in excel needs excel expertise as it involves complex formulas, VLOOKUP's, pivots etc.
- Real-time information is not readily available
- Need to manage multiple copies of excel
- Collating data from different spreadsheets for reporting and analysis is tedious and prone to errors.
- Lacks access control
- Restricts concurrent user access
- Lacks automatic backup and hence data recovery in case of system crash is difficult
- Loss of productivity as lot of time and efforts are spent in collecting, collating, preparing and distributing reports more

ServiceDesk - a simple service management software
to systematically manage and track Service Contracts, customer complaints and more.

Introduction to ServiceDesk

ServiceDesk is a simple solution for service oriented firms to systematically manage Service Contracts and Customer Complaints. You can track customer complaints right from registration to closure.

Providing best after sales service has become an integral aspect in today's business world due to exceeding customer expectations.

To keep customers happy and loyal you need to timely respond to customer complaints and queries. Analyze and address the recurring issues to improve the product/service quality.



Who can use?

ServiceDesk can be used by manufacturing, retail, supplier or any service oriented firm to manage customer complaints and service contracts

ServiceDesk is available in various editions to suit different business needs right from start-ups to enterprise.

How would it benefit my business?

- Streamline and automate your service management process
- Easily track Customer Complaints, understand the recurring issues and improve your service quality
- Data is available at real-time thus keeping people involved informed about the activities
- Quickly get the list of pending service for assignment and ensure all the service calls are attended
- Track Contract expiry, identify customers within Warranty, AMC or other contracts.
- Get customer contract and service history information at your fingertips while attending the Service call.
- Access control
- Data Security & More

Installation and data storage

ServiceDesk comes with 2 option
  On-Premise: Data and application is stored locally on your PC/Server
  Online: Data is stored on Spinso Server and application is installed on your pc or laptop

Hence you get following installation options
- Single PC & single User (data and application is stored on single pc or laptop)
- Single PC & Multi users (data is stored on your server/PC and multiple clients access it on LAN)
- Private Cloud Server (data storage on your server and option to access from outside)
- Spinso (Data storage on spinso cloud server and access from any location)
- more


ServiceDesk comes in various edition Basic, Standard, Professional, Enterprise and custom. Editions are grouped as per features of the software.

Basic Edition is the entry level product with basic features to create and manage customer complaints.

Standard Edition has features to create and manage customer complaints and contracts.

Professional Edition has feature of managing complaints, contracts, MIS and Dashboard.

Enterprise Edition is designed for corporate with best in class features with more data security features and capability to handle volume data.

In Custom Edition, we customize the product as per your requirement.

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How much does it cost?

Pricing for ServiceDesk is yearly both for On-Premise and online. Refer the Price List is available on our website.
Volume pricing for Standard is also listed, we offer discounts for more users.
For Enterprise and Custom edition kindly contact us for special price.
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Try before you buy

ServiceDesk is available for free trial, one can download the free trial from our website, no need to register or share your personal or credit card details.

You can follow the link below for free trial, follow these basic steps to get started with free trial.
Download, install and get started.

To get free support during trial period mail us
Try now

Lite: Free Edition

ServiceDesk Lite is a free for life edition for individual & small business. You can have up to 3 users for free. You can manage your complaint, assign to service engineers and enter the close details. This works on single pc/Laptop. Data is stored on local pc or laptop and you don't need internet to access the same.

To get free support mail us
Download, install and get started.

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