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are you still using printed catalog?

Gone are the days of managing bulky printed product catalogs.

Creating printed catalog involves lot of technical expertise in terms of DTP, graphic designing etc.

Moreover catalog needs to be reprinted for any major/minor changes or addition in products.

Imagine a product catalog software that will enable you to easily add, change product details like product images, price, description etc. and remove or hide discontinued products in no time. All this and more can be done in Xplore - The Digital Product Catalog Software.


Introduction to Xplore

Design interactive product catalog all by your self

Xplore is a windows based Digital Catalog App that enables you to easily create an interactive product catalog all by yourself.

Simply add product images, classify product by category and add content.

Voila! Your catalog is ready for browsing.

Why Xplore-Digital Catalog Wins Over Printed Catalog

  • Most importantly it saves environment so you don't need to print it every time when there is new product or any modification.

  • It is reusable, simply add latest product information, deactivate products that you no longer wish to display.

  • Save Designing, Printing & shipping Cost.

  • Easy to Carry on your laptop, so no need to carry bulky printed Catalog.

  • Not restricted by the number of products to be added, entire product line can be displayed.

Simple and fun way for your Customers to browse through your product catalog



Who can use?

Sales Executive
Xplore can be used by sales executive who carry bulky product sample Catalog or physical products.
With Xplore your sales executive can carry the entire product digital Catalog with them without limitation of space.

Retail Showrooms
Xplore can be highly beneficial for retail showrooms to showcase the products which are on the shelf as well as off the shelf.
The products displayed in Xplore, are not only organized, but also visually appealing to your customers.
No limitation of shelf space, store as many product as you wish.
Your customers gets the best experience similar to online where they can browse the product at their comfort, know the price, read description, short list the product.

Design Firms
Xplore can be very useful for designing firm to showcase your product portfolios.
It is safe from design copy as the details are stored on your computer.
Various designing firms like interior, fashion, architects, packaging designers, decorators can extensively use the product to showcase their portfolio.

Display Products for Exhibitions
Xplore can be used to showcase your products in exhibition.
In case if you have a huge product line or deal in precious products it is difficult to exhibit all your products due to space constraint.
Products like heavy goods & machinery are difficult and time consuming to transport, assemble and disassemble.
Xplore lets you overcome these issues. You can display unlimited products in Xplore and provide visitors best interactive experience.

Installation and data storage

Xplore is available On-Premise.

On-Premise: Data and application is stored locally on your PC/Server

Hence the installation would be on
Single PC & single User (data and application is stored on single pc or laptop)

How to install Xplore


Xplore is available in 2 editions Basic and Custom.

Edition is as per feature of the software.
Basic Edition is the entry level product with basic features to create and manage product Catalog.
In Custom Edition, we customize the product as per your requirement.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for Xplore is yearly for on-premise subscription. Refer the Price List available on our website.
For custom edition kindly contact us for special price.


Try before you buy

Xplore comes with free trial, one can download the free trial from our website, no need to register or share your personal or credit card details.
You can follow the link below for free trial, follow these basic steps to get started with free trial. Download, install and get started.
To get free support during trial period mail

Free Trial

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