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FAQ for Xplore

Frequently asked queries about Xplore are addressed here like

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About Xplore

Q. How can I use xplore for my business?
You can use this interactive digital catalog to showcase your product portfolio to customers. Compared to bulky printed catalog or multiple pdf documents, Xplore is more cost effective, organized, safe and DIY tool with attractive interface to build customer interaction.

Q. How is xplore better than pdf catalog?
Xplore is a DIY application i.e. you have complete control over adding, editing or deleting products at any point in time. Moreover you can showcase unlimited products in xplore, display special offers, group products by category. Browsing products in Xplore is not only easy but will give your customers the best in class experience.

Q. Can I use xplore for my retail showroom?
Yes, you can use xplore to display your products in your show room. You can display the products that are on the shelf as well as off the shelf.

Q. How can xplore benefit sales rep?
Sales rep can use Xplore Digital Catalog to showcase their products to the Clients instead of carrying the bulky printed catalogs or the actual products with them.

Q. Will xplore be helpful for my designing firm?
Yes, xplore can be very useful for designing firm to showcase their product portfolios. It is also safeguards from design copy of your product. Various designing firms like interior, fashion, architects, packaging designers, decorators can extensively use the product to showcase their portfolio.

Q. We often participate in Exhibitions, would Xplore benefit us?
Yes, Xplore can be used to showcase your products in exhibition.
In case if you have a huge product line or deal in precious products it is difficult to exhibit all your products due to space constraint. Even some products like machinery are very bulky and shipping is inconvenient.
Xplore helps you overcome these issues. You can display unlimited products in Xplore and provide visitors best interactive experience.

Q. Is there any user manual or help on using the product?
Yes, we do have detailed user manual with step by step instructions. You can refer the following link to download the user manual.

Free Trial

Q. Can I try Xplore before buying?
Yes, you can download Xplore Basic Edition from our website for Free Trial.
You can create 50 products for free, if you wish to add more products, then you can purchase the product.

Q. Will Trial Version have limited features as compared to Licensed Product?
No, Trial Version and the Registered Version is functionally the same product except that trial version has limitation on number of entries, also you would not be able to add your logo for branding.

Q. Do I need to register or fill a form to try Xplore?
No, you can download the application from our website and start using it. The application would have a default trial login and password.

Q. What is the login name and password for Xplore Free Trial Version?
For Free trial a default login and password would appear. You just need to click on login button to proceed further.
For login details and more help on using Xplore refer.

how to install | help

Q. Is there any support provided during trial period?
Yes, we would be happy to help you during your trial or evaluation period you can drop us a mail at

Q. On what devices can I use Xplore?
Xplore is a windows based application and hence it can be installed on computer or laptop having Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8 & windows 10.
how to install

Q. How do I use Xplore in iPhone or Mac PC?
Xplore is built on windows OS hence by default it does not support any other operating system. However there is a work around you can use third party tool like parallels.

Q. Can data entered in trial product be upgraded to licensed Product?
Yes, data entered in Trial can be upgraded in licensed product.

Licensing policy

Q. How many user license do I need to buy for using Xplore Basic Edition?
You need to purchase 1 user license per installation since Xplore Basic Edition is a single user, single PC application.
We are working on higher edition which will support more users on LAN.

Q. What is the process for buying licensed product?
You need to mail us the following details at

Company Name :
Product name: Xplore
Edition: Basic
No of Users: 1
License Type: On-premise

Further payment and registration process would be communicated to you via mail.


Q. How do I install Xplore on my computer?
Read installation instructions

Q Can I access Xplore on LAN?
No, Xplore Basic Edition is a single user, single PC Edition. Hence it cannot be accessed on multiple computers via LAN.


Q. What is the support provided?
You are eligible for free version upgrade and support (Email/Telephonic) during your subscription period.

Q. Do you provide onsite support?
We do provide onsite support or training on chargeable basis.

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