Enquiry Quotation Management Software

are you still using excel to manage your sales leads?
Business find it difficult to manage leads/enquiry in excel sheet due to following reasons
- Have to manage multiple copies of excel
- Its tedious to collate data at Team or organization level
- Duplication of master data
- Data is less secured
- Lacks access control
- Restricts concurrent user access

EQMS - Sales CRM will not only help you overcome all the above issues but also provides you some great features to organize and simplify your day to day sales activities

Introduction to EQMS
Many organizations struggle to manage their enquiries, lot of time and effort is wasted in recollecting the history of discussions done with particular customer or prospects since the details are maintained in the cluttered way.

EQMS is a smart and intuitive tool for sales lead management which helps you manage leads in an effective and organized way.

EQMS is designed with the view to cater your business needs. All important details such as customer information, reminders of follow-ups and more are captured in EQMS. It gives you the complete insight of information.

EQMS is simple, affordable and ready to use sales lead management that helps you provide all the required information easily at your fingertips, thus letting you respond to customers/prospects quickly, focus on important activities such as working on strategy to improve sales, building strong relationship with your customers or prospects, generating more leads and more...
Who can use?
Sales Executive
EQMS can be used by sales executives to manage their business enquiries/leads, follow-ups & Closures

Sales Team
EQMS enables you to track sales activity of sales teams across multiple locations or branches

Channel Partners or Dealer Network
EQMS is also useful for tracking leads, follow-ups & Closures of your channel partners/dealers.
It provides you with real time access of sales activity of your sales partners

EQMS is a generic product for managing sales lead and can be used by any industry to manage its sales lead.

EQMS is available in various editions to suit different business needs right from start-ups to enterprise.

How would it benefit my business?
- Streamline and simply your lead management process
- Provides complete insight of sales data at your finger tips
- Easy tracking of information such as leads, follow-ups and closures
- Hierarchical management of lead information at various level such as Executive, Team & overall Organization
- Executive, Team & overall Organization
- Access control
- Data Security & More
EQMS Is Now SalesTracker