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3 Simple step to try EQMS Professional Edition on LAN

EQMS is a simple, ready to use Sales CRM software to manage your sales process. It covers sales process with 3 easy steps enquiry, follow-up & closure.

It comes in various edition Standard, Professional, Enterprise & Custom to suit needs of individuals, small & medium business and corporates.

With EQMS you can choose to store data on your pc/server or cloud, in both case you just pay monthly rental.

EQMS is available for free trial hence we would recommend you to experience the product first hand.

Download, install and get started
No registration required

Installing on multi pc on LAN (Local Area Network) You can also install EQMS on multiple PC that are on LAN, this can be done for trial use as well.

Introduction : EQMS can be installed on LAN for multi user access, this means you would have 1 server and multiple clients on LAN where the data would be stored on the server pc and other clients pc can access the same data

3 Simple step to try EQMS Professional Edition on LAN

1. Download

2. Installation

     a. Installing server components
     b. Sharing server folder
     c. Installing Client components
     d. Setting INI path on client pc

3. Getting started

1. Download

You can download EQMS Professional Edition for free trial without any formalities of registration.

If you have any issues/queries during download or installation of EQMS kindly contact our helpdesk for free support or call us at +91.22.65295218 file would be saved.

Extract the zip file.

You would find the following folder

Open folder "EQMS Professional"
And you would see following folders "Server" & "Clients"

2. Installation

a. Installing server components
Installing server,
Open "Server" folder and
Run setup.exe

b. Sharing server folder

Sharing the folder
On Server pc (where server is installed)
Right click and go to "Properties"

Go to "sharing" tab
Click on "Share"
Give Share name "Spinso"
Give Full access (Read & Write) to Everyone

c. Installing Client components

Installing client,
Open "Client" folder
And run "setup.exe"

You would see EQMS icon on the desktop
Click on the icon

EQMS Application would open
Please note the login and password is blank

d. Setting INI path on client pc

Click on the tool icon to set the path (next to login button)
Click on "INI Setting"

In db Path, enter the path

\\ServerName\Spinso\EQMS 2015 Professional Edition
Please note : ServerName is the name of your server.

Click "Verify"

Status would appear "DB Path... Ok"
Click "ok"

Click on "Save" to save the setting

3. Getting started

Close the application and login again
You would see the default login and password for trial use.
Click on "Login" to continue.

Please note : To install on multiple pc you would follow the process of 2.c & 2.d

2. Installation
c. Installing Client components
d. Setting INI path on client pc

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